Traveller Customizable Card Game

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Traveller Customizable Card Game
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A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.

Raised in Kickstarter
$56,676.00 / 775 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: September 2017


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A high quality neoprene playmat, featuring art from the Traveller Customizable Card Game.
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Card Sleeves (Pack of 50)
A pack of 50 high quality plastic sleeves featuring art from the Traveller Customizable Card Game.
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Premium Token Packs
Set of 20 Premium Tokens for use in the Traveller Customizable Card Game.
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Card Sleeves Ship Art Pack (2 of each ship)
Two packs of 50 sleeves for each of the four ship types, a total of 8 packs: Scout Free Trade... more »

Collector's Edition

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Collector's Edition Token Pack
An additional set of the Collector's Edition exclusive tokens. Only Pre-Order Backers who al... more »
Supplemental legacy square thumb
Collector's Edition 90 Card Supplemental Deck
This Add On is an additional copy of the 90 card Supplemental Deck from the Collector's Edition. ... more »
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Norah Wells Promo Card
Additional copies of the Collector's Edition exclusive promo card, Norah Wells. Very importa... more »
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Collector's Edition Starter Set
Comes with two Ship Decks, the Scout and the Free Trader with foil stamped art, a Supplemental De... more »

Expansion Pack

Aliens legacy square thumb
Aliens of the Imperium
An alien-themed 60 Card expansion adding three copies each of 20 unique cards.
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Trouble on the Mains
A piracy-themed 60 card expansion with three copies of 20 unique cards.

Promotional Card

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Memorial Promo Card
Memorial Promo Card in honor of a Traveller Absent Friend. Four cards are available, commemorati... more »
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Shipping Promo Card
A Kickstarter Exclusive Promotional Card designed to help defray the costs of shipping. Very... more »
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Shipping & Handling Promo Card
A Kickstarter Exclusive Promotional Card designed to help defray the costs of international shipp... more »
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Kickstarter Exclusive Variant Art Ship Card
A copy of the Kickstarter Exclusive Variant Art Ship Card. This card will be a variant art d... more »

Promotional Card Sets

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Memorial Promo Card Playset
This add on comes with a full playset (3 copies each) of the four Memorial Promo Cards, at a $1 d... more »
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Memorial Card Maximum Copies
This add-on comes with the maximum permitted number of copies of the four Memorial Promo Cards, a... more »
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Shipping and Shipping & Handling Playset
This add-on comes with a full playset (3 copies each) of the promo cards Shipping and Shipping &a... more »
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Shipping and Shipping & Handling Maximum Copies
This add-on comes with the maximum number of copies permitted to a single backer (6 copies each) ... more »

Ship Deck

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Ship Deck
Choose from one of four Ship Decks. Available ships are the Scout, Free Trader, Far Trader, and ... more »

Starter Set

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Starter Set 60 Card Supplemental Deck
This Add On is an additional copy of the 60 card Supplemental Deck from the Starter Set. Ple... more »
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Starter Set
Two-Player Starter Set. Comes with two Ship Decks, the Scout and Free Trader, as well as a Suppl... more »

Learn About Our Project:

We've added an Example of Play slideshow, depicting a single round of a game, as a video.  The images for the slideshow are taken from a .pdf file and fed into Power Point.  

The details are more clear on the .pdf linked below, but we've included the slideshow for those backers who prefer to coast on easy mode.  Here is a link to the Example of Play as a .pdf.  The .pdf is not a slideshow:

Jonathan Nadaeu of the Crowdfunding Cast interviewed us for episode #550 of his podcast series. In a fifteen minute interview we talk about our game, the Traveller IP, and the Kickstarter Campaign. Check out the link and give it a listen!

Traveller is a card game adaptation of Marc Miller's classic Science-Fiction role-playing game. Players assume the role of ship Captains plying the mains of the Third Imperium.

The game has been designed to accommodate 2-4 players, but it also supports solo play and we anticipate releasing special solo play scenarios and game modes.  Single and two-player games should last about 30 minutes.  Three or four will go for 45-60 minutes.   

Traveller is non-collectable. There's no random allocation of cards, and no rarities. Every product is a fixed set, so you always know exactly what you're getting.

Our basic mechanics are an icon-driven race game, with ample opportunities to interact with, and even engage in piracy against, other players. All Captains must also contend with a hostile galaxy and the looming threat of insolvency.

In the graphic above, we illustrate an example of Contract completion. The Scout provides a Passage/Survey Capability, which may be used to resolve Contracts that require either Survey (as seen here) or Passage.

Read on to see more details on our current backer rewards.  Please note that the final production versions may vary from the concept art.

We have calculated shipping costs into our campaign funding goal, so we are not charging any additional fees.  We have also committed to working with an EU-based distributor, to allow backers to save on VAT charges.

However, while we are not charging extra for shipping, we have created two Add Ons specifically designed to defray the associated costs.  If you're interested in helping, please check out the Shipping and the Shipping & Handling promo cards.


A Ship Deck comes with 81 cards:

1 Ship Card

20 Adventure Cards

60 Captain's Cards

Enough cards to begin your Traveller exploits.  

Backers may choose between one of four Ship Decks: 


Free Trader

Far Trader

Subsidized Merchant  

Each deck is distinct, containing its own list of cards, though some may be common to multiple decks.

The perfect way to start your Traveller Customizable Card Game hobby, this box comes with two Ship Decks (Scout and Free Trader), 60 additional cards, a rule book and counter sheet.

For the discerning Traveller, we're proud to offer a Collector's Edition Starter Set.  It has the same two ship decks as the Two-Player Starter Set, but the ship cards come foil stamped.  There's also an additional 90 cards (the same 60 as the Starter Set, and then 30 more), rule book, special counters, and an exclusive Norah Wells promo card.

Proudly display your TAS card.  Membership has its perks!

We're also offering a number of unique opportunities to contribute to the Traveller Customizable Card Game project.  Backers can have their favorite characters appear in the game, or even provide the basis for a card themselves.

One lucky backer can grab the chance to decide the next ship we release! 

Please note that depending on the nature of the reward and the specific interests of the backer, it may not be possible to include custom items with initial fulfillment.  There may also be restrictions on what can be done as a custom item due to content, mechanics or legal issues.  

Due to the variable nature of these rewards, anyone interested would be encouraged to contact us directly.







Not pictured:  Traveller card-back themed mat.  See the Traveller card-back sleeve to get a sense of what it would look like.








With your support, we hope to make a Traveller card game a reality.  If we are so fortunate as to merit pledges in excess of our goal, we have some great options in mind.







Traveller is a registered Trademark used under License from Far Future Enterprises.



Click above to visit web portfolio
Click above to visit web portfolio


                                                   Video Credits

Host:  Brittni Barger ( ;

Director of Photography, Editor:  Donald Turner (

Directed and Written by Jeff Yin ( ;

Location provided by Mark Stout Photography:

Location for the Demonstration of Play video by Collector's Legion:

Music in the videos provided by: 

                                          How We Got Here

The idea for adapting Traveller into a card game came from a discussion my dad and I had on a lazy Saturday, during one of my visits to the Bay Area.  Between the two of us, we have six decades spent affectionately exploring the Third Imperium, and it seemed like a natural setting for a card game.   

I quickly sketched out a basic framework for modeling the adventure, commerce and exploration inherent in Traveller, and it became clear that what we wanted the card game to feel like was something similar to playing the RPG.  Fast paced, high stakes exploits in a grounded, realistic universe.

After tinkering with it for some time, I approached my friend Ian.  I had an idea.  I had a framework.  But I knew in Ian, I could find someone who could take those pieces and make them whole.  We started working in earnest on the nitty gritty of card game design.  

What are the rules?  How does timing work?  What kinds of things do we like about card games, that we want to add in, and what should we avoid?  From those discussions, the game took concrete form, and we began to push what we had to playtesting.  As a result of playtesting, we improved.  We cut what didn't work.  We added what we thought was needed.

It's still being playtested, and always will be, progressing through internal playtesting of basic concepts, then specific sets, then specific builds and specific cards. Then pushing that process out to external playtesters, first in the local gaming scenes and then to the online community at large. 

We're playtesting future cards, to see how they interact with current ones, and current ones to see how they can be made better and clearer for release.  We playtest during development.  We playtest during crowdfunding.  We will playtest during production, and after release, and after the next release, because card games are living things, that must be constantly managed. 

When we thought we really had something, we approached Marc Miller for a license.  It was a little intimidating, contacting the writer of one of our favorite IPs right out of the blue, but Marc took to the idea quickly, and we've been fortunate to benefit from his support and advice all through development.

Which brings us here.  We're honored just to have the opportunity to put this in front of our fellow gamers.  Your support has been truly humbling, and one of the best parts of the entire process.  

Thank You!

                                             Who We Are

Jeff Yin (Lead Designer) is a gamer, writer, and attorney licensed by the State of California. After being called to the bar, he worked in criminal defense and indigent legal services at places such as the Santa Clara County Public Defenders and the Bay Area Legal Aid Domestic Violence Restraining Order Clinic. After that, he entered private practice, primarily focused on indigent representation for Alameda County. 

He is also a published author, having done the English language adaptations for various Japanese animation and manga titles, such as Eyeshield 21, Shouen Jump, Kirby, Pokemon, and more. Some of his other clients included the Tokyo University of Science, Mitsubishi and Japan Air Lines. Jeff was also involved in editing the Second Edition Fading Suns Game Master’s Guide, though the chapters he worked on were not ultimately part of the release. 

Sample Link: 

He has been gaming all his life, first as a mascot and henchman in his father’s gaming group, then a full member, before eventually becoming a game master of his own groups. Some of his favorite games include Traveller, RuneQuest, Through the Breach, Shadowrun, Vampire: The Masquerade, and Fading Suns. 

For the last 10 years, Jeff has been Assistant RPG Coordinator for Kublacon, one of the West Coast’s largest gaming conventions. He can usually be seen at the major Bay Area cons. 

In 2012, Jeff moved to L.A., began shifting to legal consulting and contracting work, to focus on screenwriting, completing UCLA’s Professional Program in Screenwriting in 2013. His first short film, H.U.R.D. (Human Undead Resources Department) has been seen in Bay Area film festivals, and is a “Notable Project” on Amazon Studios (

Ian Lee (Lead Developer) started playtesting CCGs in the late ‘90s, eventually working on more than half-a-dozen games sold by several publishers. He then worked on the design team for the Precedence CCG titles, Babylon 5 and Wheel of Time, during which he acquired experience in managing the interplay between CCG mechanics and maintaining the thematic draw of licensed IPs. 

In addition to having been a certified judge for Magic: The Gathering competitive events, Ian was active in several CCG competitive play circuits, achieving Top Ten world-wide rankings in Babylon 5, Ultimate Combat and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. 

He brings over 20 years’ experience, having participated in numerous CCGs in virtually every role, from player, competitive player, playtester and design and development. A fixture on the Northern California gaming convention circuit, he has been running a variety of RPG, CCG and board game events at local cons for over two decades. 

Recently, he has acquired an unhealthy interest in True Dungeon. 

When not gaming, Ian works as a Business and Planning Analyst in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Tony Yin (Project Manager) is a 'first generation' gamer who played Chainmail and Greyhawk at the infancy of D&D. He also played Runequest in its early days, in the campaign of one of its authors, Warren James, at the old San Jose area gaming cafe, The Bandersnatch. Tony also began his adventures in the Third Imperium at about the same time. He still has a full set of LBBs, all with price tags showing just how much further a buck went in 1981. 

In addition to RPGs, he was a fierce competitor in the board games Star Fleet Battles and Squad Leader. Having attended the first PacificCon, his passion for gaming remains strong to this day, especially for MMORPGS such as Eve and World of Warcraft, and 4x titles like Master of Orion and Civilization. 

Tony has over 30 years of experience in the Silicon Valley, and has had extensive dealings with contract manufacturers (CM) in Asia since the late 90's. He has decades of experience developing and launching consumer and commercial products, including packaging, print, logistics, traffic, and material management. 

As a native born Chinese speaker, Tony is able to handle not just the planning and management of a project, but direct communication with various manufacturers and distributors.